The Dynameco Control Unit (DCU) to control and activate the aerosol extinguishing generators

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The Control Unit (DCU) developed for Dynameco Fire Extinguishing Generators allows for 8 units to be directly connected in generators, or 8 distributor boxes with 9 generators each.

A total of 72 generators maximum can be connected to a Dynameco Control Unit. The Control Unit contains a controller board and several module boards. The number of boards depends on the number of fire extinguishing generators to be connected.

The unit controls and activates the generators and checks for broken cables. The DCU can be connected to any central alarm panel. Alternatively, the Control Unit allows for manual triggering using the Dynameco Operator Tableau (DOD).

The Control Unit enables triggering of all generators with a total of 1.5A and a delay time of 100ms; it is designed for a 12V/24V supply voltage.