The manual or automatic Dynameco Operator Device (DOD)

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The Dynameco Operator Tableau (DOD) connects to the Dynameco Control Unit (DCU). It is the automatic or manual triggering system for Dynameco manual applications, which do not deploy a fire notification centre.

In combination with the Dynameco temperature-based fire alarm (DTD 180), which connects to the DCU, automatic triggering of a Dynameco application can be enabled.

The Dynameco Operator Tableau includes an automatic “ON/OFF” triggering feature. The DOD has a covered manual triggering tip switch, allowing for manual triggering a system.

If the aerosol extinguishing system – consisting of a temperature-based fire alarm, a control unit, and the DOS - is used as an automatic extinguishing system, the automatic triggering "ON/OFF" switch of the DOD is "ON". In case of a fire, the temperature-based fire alarm and the Control Unit will trigger the fire extinguishing generators.

If the automatic triggering "ON/OFF" switch is set to the "OFF" position, the extinguishing generators can only be activated with the covered manual tip switch of the DOD.